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Welcome to, last updated 2023-03-19.

About this site

The name of this site comes from the Japanese proverb 見ぬが花, which literally means "not seeing is a flower". It basically means that things usually look better in your imagination than reality; when first seeing something you've fantasized about, it often doesn't live up to expectations. There's no deep meaning as to why I chose this name, I just like how it sounds.

This site is kind of a mess since it's handwritten HTML, and always under construction. I designed this site to be viewed on a desktop running The Browser I Use™, so it may look even worse on anything else.

Contact info

You can call me Minu for lack of a better name. Note that I do not have any social media pages and I do not use this pseudonym for anything outside of this site and any webrings it is in. If you come across someone going by Minu or Minugahana elsewhere, it very likely isn't me.

My email address can be obtained by changing my site's URL from ".neocities" to "@disroot". The PGP key for my email is here.

That address is also my XMPP address, but currently I don't use XMPP as I don't have the time to set it up to my liking.

This site's comments page can be found here. I get an email when someone leaves a comment there, so feel free to use that as well.

You can message me in either English or 日本語. I am much more likely to respond to emails that use PGP encryption, but I make sure to at least read any unencrypted emails.

I was last contacted by a visitor on 2023-01-23. I have been contacted by 8 visitors so far, 5 via encrypted email, 2 via unencrypted email, and 1 via the comments section.

I can't imagine anyone ever using this, but here's my Monero address: