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This page is a sort of containment zone for things that I don't want to write an entire page for.

For longer posts that might get updates check out my articles.






Discord is my least favorite dark web.

If you're a content creator and the only way to access your material is Discord, you should be ashamed of yourself.

It's seemingly impossible to register for an account without connecting it to your real identity, and given Discord's extremely shady history of data collection there's no way I would give them any personal information.


I recently broke my epic hackerman Artix Linux with tiling WM + minimal programs installation, had to scramble to reinstall an OS that just worked since it was at the beginning of the workweek.

I ended up installing a distro with XFCE as the DE, and it's actually really nice. I don't think I'll go back to i3.

I never really used the tiling that much, the most advanced thing I did was a sort of split-screen which can actually be easily replicated with XFCE's Window Manager options thing.

Having a DE magically take care of my volume and brightness and such is nice as well, I don't have to hack together half-working solutions any more. Windows also have a higher chance of "just working" because most stuff is designed for floating WMs anyway, no more manually assigning whether a window should float or not. The only exception I've had is LibreOffice trying to open a 2px by 2px window by default which I had to fix by going and editing a line in an obscure file, but I found the solution easily online.

Having a proper status bar and not just some plain text is nice too. And widgets! I don't have to use a clunky TUI (or worse, CLI only) program to manage network connections anymore.

I also realized that antialiased fonts aren't that bad on modern displays. I'm using the default fonts without complaint.

I feel like I was putting myself in a bad place mentally trying to obsess over minimizing bloat, but it's not like I'm using a 2-core 4GB RAM machine anymore so I've given up on that. Feels comfy.


I've seen people online looking for a way to "anonymize" their online purchases, and one common response is to get a prepaid gift card from Visa or MasterCard. Don't do that. Those kinds of cards are rarely accepted by online vendors (even if they claim to do so), and there's usually fine-print saying that you can't withdraw cash from them. In addition, there is no way to talk with a human and try to get whatever super secret purchase you were trying to make to go through.

For the same reason it's a bad idea to give one of them to someone as a gift, they're unusable. I still have one I was given as a gift sitting around because it has failed to go through on all but one (1) purchase out of the dozens of times I've tried to use it.

If you want an anonymous method of buying something online, you'll have to either beg whatever company to accept Monero or give up.


If you have a local Korean or Chinese market/store they may also have other Asian foods. I recently stopped by a local Korean market for some decent chopsticks and was surprised to find saki-ika and canned koshian.


Here's a command line I cobbled together for downloading Dropbox folders as a zip based on json files in subdirectories of the current location. Extremely specific (hint: gallery-dl), but can be picked apart for several ideas useful on their own. I got lazy with the URL matching and assumed that each subdir had one json file containing only one link, so this could probably be done better. As I write this I realize I probably should've used xargs to fix the multiple links problem, may update if I need to use this again.

for d in $PWD/*/; do
	cd "$d" || break
	url=$(grep -Po 'https://www.dropbox.com/sh/[a-z0-9A-Z]+/[_A-Za-z0-9-]+' *.json)
	[[ -n $url ]] && wget --no-clobber --content-disposition "$url"
	unset url


While minding my own business, I suddenly remembered about Danbooru20XX, which is a public rsync mirror of Danbooru images and metadata updated yearly.

Would've been nice to remember about a few weeks ago, I've already downloaded over a million files from Danbooru itself and probably pissed off the owner a few times.

Do note that PNG and JPEG images in Danbooru20XX are losslessly optimized, saving about 100GB. The original MD5s are saved alongside tags, translations, etc in the metadata dumps, and are sometimes wrong anyway.

Also apparently metadata for banned and gold account images are not available in the dump, though less rich metadata for those images from before November 2021 is available.

Keep in mind that the rsync:// protocol is not encrypted, so be careful if your country bans downloading drawings of little girls.




Several booru-type websites (inlcuding Danbooru) are struggling to adapt to AI-generated art; some artists seem to be trying to get their works removed from said sites in an attempt to prevent the training of AI models on their artwork. In other words, it's time to download everything. I wrote a quick article on how to do this.


「モザイクないだけで違法はおかしい」 FC2で無修正売った男性、前代未聞の刑事裁判で「わいせつ」の意味を問う

Some Japanese dude was arrested for uploading an uncensored adult video. He's trying to take the issue of whether or not uncensored material should be illegal to the highest Japanese court.

Can you imagine? haha

Japanese artists drawing completely uncensored lewds, that's crazy haha

I don't care about it myself but I'd like to see some just for a laugh, haha


An Orz who is *frumpled*

Here's something that grids my gears.

I found a recently released mod for a decade old game that barely anyone plays anymore. I have some feedback for the mod creator. How do I contact him?

First I went to the post announcing the mod on the game's somehow still functioning forums, but you can't actually register. You have to log in with Microsoft or Google. No thanks.

Next I went to a Reddit post that announced the most recent update to the mod. I hate to do it, but I registered a throw-away account with a burner email and left a comment on that post.

As expected, logging out and viewing the comments reveals that my comment is hidden. I don't know if they instantly shadow-banned me but they might have well done so.

Fine, if I can't leave a comment I'll just DM the dude. Except he has DMs disabled. There's a "chat" feature that he apparently couldn't opt out of, but the guy hasn't logged in for days and the chat won't load.

Running out of options. I check the forum post again for any leads. No email, no XMPP, the only other method of contact is D*scord.

I don't suppose I'll be leaving feedback then.


I was messing about using xbindkeys to make one of my mouse buttons work like the Control key so that I could control-click with just my mouse, but sadly this seems to be impossible with xbindkeys alone. There are some posts online claiming to have done it but they all require crazy workarounds that don't seem worth it.

This made me realize that by using a combination of xbindkeys, xdotool, and a scripting language you can at least in theory do what I was wishing for in #25. I will have to experiment with this, but I feel like running a script on each button press is asking for trouble.



Big if true.


It would be amazing if there were some program that allowed binding certain mouse buttons do arbitrary keyboard key-presses specific to whatever window is in focus. I know this can be done on an Xorg-wide scale, but if I could choose what was "typed" depending on the program in focus I could easily bind mouse hotkeys (which are usually poorly supported) in just about any program. If pressing "d" would do what I want, I could just bind whatever mouse key to input "d", but only in that program. Bonus points if you can specify based on window class/role/whatever as well as title, kind of like how i3 does with its rules.

If such a program exists, please let me know. xbindkeys can do some cool stuff with mice, but as far as I can tell it can't distinguish between windows.


Reminder that the basic taste "umami" should be referred to as "savory" because that's what the word actually means when we say it in English. "Umami (旨み)" means "good tasting" and has nothing to do with a specific flavor.


An anime girl in the background with a rose in the foreground

It seems that text-to-image AIs can run on beefy PCs now.

I dream that one day training models on input images and using them to generate new images from prompts completely locally on a decently powerful PC will become possible. Imagine training models and spitting out a model file that can be shared online, kind of like NovelAI does with writing style but without having to pay for it.

Speaking of NovelAI, did you know that if you clear your cookies and change IPs you can reset the 50 free turn counter while retaining your stories? It's true.

Pic related is something I got out of this online Stable Diffusion demo with a prompt about not seeing flowers.


Mad respect for the Japanese postal system and DHL, whose powers combined can deliver my bad financial decisions from the other side of the world in under 48 hours.


Found a pretty cool site that lets you check your site for accessibility issues. I plan on tinkering with this some, have already changed a few things because of it.


A photo of Dungeon Meshi 12, announcing an anime. Dungeon Meshi is FINALLY getting an anime!
...but it's done by Studio Trigger. Oh well, at least the series will get more attention with an anime.
I can only hope they don't mess with the writing and do something stupid like make aliens show up in the last episode.


Quick Anki tip.

If you want to delete old history (say you tried Anki and it didn't stick, then later you came back and actually started using it), you can remove it from your database with a debug command. Just open the debug console (be sure you have a backup, and on a US keyboard hit Ctrl+Shift+;) then paste the following into it:

mw.col.db.execute("delete from revlog where id < [UNIX EPOCH MILLISECONDS]")

It should delete all history before the timestamp you put into it. It doesn't really affect anything but I found it annoying that my "Days Studied" started counting the instant I first used Anki and not when I started using it regularly, causing the percentage to be much lower than it should be since there was a gap between the two.

Note that this only affects the review history, things like cards added will still show info from before then. Could probably be fixed easily, but I don't care enough to figure it out right now. Maybe later.


A screenshot of Ojamajo Doremi (S01E19 04:34).

Recently finished the anime Ojamajo Doremi. It's not as sad as I was led to believe.

It's got lots of cute girls and somehow just about every character is likable (Aiko best girl). If you have the time to watch an anime with just over 200 episodes I recommend it. Beware that the watch order is kind of wacky, though. Here's my recommended watching order:

  1. Ojamajo Doremi (S1)
  2. Ojamajo Doremi Sharp (S2) E1-36
  3. Ojamajo Doremi Sharp: The Movie
  4. Ojamajo Doremi Sharp (S2) E37-49
  5. Motto! Ojamajo Doremi (S3) E1-45
  6. Motto! Ojamajo Doremi: The Secret of the Frog Stone
  7. Motto! Ojamajo Doremi (S3) E46-50
  8. Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho (S5) E1-12
  9. Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan! (S4)
  10. Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho (S5) E13

I put the movies (which are honestly just HD ~30 minute episodes) right before the first time they are referenced, but they might be slightly out of order chronologically. The last episode of Na-i-sho kind of spoils the ending of Dokkaan, but it's not a huge spoiler. There's also a movie that came out recently but from what I've read it's just in the same universe and doesn't affect the story.


A screenshot of Minecraft beta 1.7.3.

While searching around in block game for an old seed I used to use, I accidentally stumbled upon the seed for the first world I played singleplayer in: -292687514. It should work on versions between a1.2.0 and b1.7.3 inclusive. The spawn isn't very breathtaking like more famous pre-adventure seeds, but I have fond memories of that beach.

Speaking of minecaf, I could complain to no end about how Microsoft is handling it, but honestly it has been downhill for a long time now. It started with wolves in b1.4 and hit the point of no return with hunger in b1.8. Luckily you can just play older versions and not have to deal with the torrent of new stuff for the sake of new stuff and desaturated colors.

You also have the benefit of being able to run at decent FPS on older hardware, as they began to focus on code standards over efficiency around b1.8 as well. For reference, here are some comparisons run on a Thinkpad X220. It runs b1.7.3 at 25% CPU with at least 30FPS on the highest settings and around 60FPS at more reasonable settings. The most recent 1.19 update takes about a minute just to open a world that has already been generated, and barely cranks out an inconsistent 20FPS at 100% CPU with the lowest video settings possible. Imagine needing to upgrade your PC just to play the new version of brown bricks.

Here are a few links related to golden-age Minecraft:

Just beware, UltimMC and some downloads of PolyMC may have this wacky bug in them allowing you to play without an account, so be wary :^)


Forums may be declining in popularity, but don't underestimate them. I recently posted about an awfully specific and technical topic on a 10+ year old forum, and in just over an hour got a two-screen long detailed reply from someone who had been doing exactly what I asked about for years.


I really hope that paper dictionaries don't go the way of the paper encyclopedia.

Browsing JP Amazon for dictionaries is a hobby of mine, and every time I see one whose latest edition came out about a decade ago I find myself hoping that it'll get a new edition soon.

There are a few jiten I'm eyeing that fit this description, most recently the 漢検 series. Their 漢字辞典 and 四字熟語辞典 are getting up there, and I have hope for these in particular because their 漢字学習ステップ series just got a new edition a few months ago and the edition before that came out around the same time as the other two.


Took a look at bulk renaming programs after realizing I would have to use ranger's :bulkrename on over 100 directories with a few dozen in files each. I found pipe-rename, looks like it does just what I need: edit filenames as lines in $EDITOR to rename them.


A YouTube thumbnail.

Just a reminder that the official Monster Hunter YouTube channel made a series of tutorials featuring Rie Takahashi (Megumin, Emilia) as a furry vt*ber.

Don't call it a grave. It's the future you chose.