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My images

Here are some images that you can use to link to my site. Note that NeoCities doesn't allow hotlinking, so you'll have to download them and host a copy on your own site.

Minugahana button

Personal sites I like

Here are a few sites I like which I have no affiliation with and just find interesting.

dokodemo.neocities.org digdeeper.neocities.org spyware.neocities.org floppys-lounge.neocities.org cheapskatesguide.org landchad.net judydec.net


I am a part of the Lainchan webring. Below you can find links to most other sites in the ring, check the thread on Lainchan and/or other sites' webring pages to find any I missed. I copied this from urof's webring, where a JSON and csv of each site's info as well as a zip containing all the banners can be found.